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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Casey Anthony . . . Get Over it, people!

The public lynching of Casey Anthony, her lawyer, Jose Baez (a/k/a "sleazeball defense lawyer") and the jury that sat through this trial is despicable and needs to stop.  Guilty as Casey Anthony may appear to the general public, the jury did its job correctly by acquitting her of murder because the government did not have a case.  Her lawyer did what he was supposed to do and so did the jury.  How about complaining about the prosecutor for putting on a case that needed more investigation and work?  The sad part about all of this bloodlust for Casey Anthony in the media is that these same people would want the same criminal justice system to work for them if their life or libery was on the line.  Finding Casey Anthony guilty of first degree murder on the flimsy evidence the prosecution had would be a travesty and miscarriage of justice, even assuming she committed the crime.  The answer is for the police and prosecution to prepare their case before bringing it to trial, not bashing the defense or the jury on the perception that Casey Anthony "got away with murder."  We cannot disregard or begrudge the constitution, burden of proof and procedure safeguards afforded any citizen charged with a crime just because we don't like the result in a highly publicized case.  Let's put things in perspective and get over it, folks.

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